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You then need to decide what kind of flush valve you’re going to use, this controls the force of the flush. The flush valve is located in the center of the tank, releasing the water each time the toilet is flushed forcing the waste away. So, the larger the valve, the more water is pushed out of the tank. Toilet flush levers are what activate the flush valve. You will need to decide if you want this positioned on the side, front or top of the tank.

Elongated bowls are designed to optimize comfort. For the handicapped or the elderly, you will be able to purchase a disability compliant toilet bowl, this is a taller bowl especially designed for easy access and increased comfort. The U-bend is an important element of the toilet that is often overlooked, the U-bend is the curved tubing found at the side of the toilet. Larger or glazed U-bends decrease the possibilities of your toilet getting blocked. These can be used in our Perfect Plumbing and Heating.